Setlist Supervisor

Setlist Supervisor is the premier setlist generator for musicians who want to craft the perfect setlist for their band.  Add custom details about each song you can play like time (duration) , bpm (speed), album, and arrange and order your setlists with simple drag and drop tools.  Determine how long your band’s set will actually be, even factoring in time between songs to let your fan’s thunderous applause fade. Use the BPM alert to warn you if the speed of your setlist slows down incrementally.   Choose album colors to easily see if you are playing songs off of a variety of albums, or just one. Print or email pdfs of your setlist to your band members. Use showtime view when it’s the day of the show to alert you when it’s time to get on and off the stage, or practice how long it really takes you to run through your set at band practice.  Setlist Supervisor is everything bands need in a setlist generation tool, and is written entirely in Apple’s new declarative SwiftUI syntax for a responsive design across all platforms.