Quick update!

Both Multi Path Audio Books and AV Aid are doing well with their latest versions.  The bugs seem to be patched and things are running smooth again.   We also have a secret Apple TV tvOS project in the works that should hopefully go live soon.

AV Aid coming soon to Apple TV (tvOS)

AV Aid, the audio visual technician’s test generator is coming soon to the Apple TV !  Now you can test your flat panel tv’s sound system with audio tests, and images to check color balance and image quality!  And best of all, (for now anyway…)  it’s FREE!

(Coming soon  Late Jan 2016 or Feb!!!))

AV Aid - Audio Visual test generator iOS & tvOS

AV Aid – Audio Visual test generator iOS & tvOS

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AVAid Version 2.1.0 just posted!

We are happy to announce that we’ve made some pretty significant improvements to our first app AVAid.  Version 2.1.0 was approved in the Apple store today!

IMG_7487 IMG_7489

– Added ability to select custom test song from your music library.
– Now detects and displays possible video output resolutions from mobile device when connected.
– Added ability to output programmatically generated color bars for any available output resolution.
– You can continue to play test audio when the screen is dimmed (locked).

AV Aid is an Audio Visual technician’s toolkit and test generator.

When you connect your device with a VGA or HDMI cable to a projector or flatscreen monitor, AV Aid will detect and display all available output resolutions for your device. You can then select one of these custom resolutions and AV Aid will generate and output color bars.

The audio test generator is also expansive, including left, right, center, phase test, pink noise, white noise, sweep, a test song and more. You can now designate your own custom test song from your device’s music library.

There are several other handy AV features like flash light, strobe light, party light, IR detector, and cable connector resource guide.

Hurray! It’s HERE!

For over a year I have been obsessed with learning how to code for the iPhone/iPad. It was a lot of hard work… plus, this was my first time learning a programming language. I think it’s safe to say I worked AT LEAST an average of 3 hrs every day for over 450 days on this concept. So, I am very exited to announce that our App just got approved for sale in the iTunes app store for both iPhone and iPad! It’s called Multi Path Audio: Books.  As far as I know there is nothing like it in the app store until now!   If you have ever listened to an audio book check this out…

Get Multi Path Audio: Books for FREE today! Or visit multipathaudio.net for screenshots and news.

Each Multi Path Audio book is a multiple choice ‘book on tape’ with many different paths to take, ways to win, titles to earn, and ways to lose!  The stories can be played on the iPhone or iPad using touch OR hands-free with voice recognition.  At it’s core it is an entertaining audio-book and a hands-free time killer for those long trips in the car, plane, or bedtime.

The fun part is that you play each audio book again and again, trying out different paths. The way Multi Path Audio works is just like listening to a regular audio-book, except that you will have the ability to make a selection based on which way you would like to go.  You can make this selection by either, speaking or touching the screen.

Many other books will be released we anticipate on a monthly basis, with different authors and various genres.  As new stories are available a link to download them will appear inside the app.  Play each story three times for free!  Then if you like, for around $1.99 you can purchase unlimited replays to experience all of the different endings for that story.

The app ships with our first story titled The Purple Island Glow-Grubs written by Dave Strand and Kelly Levy with narration by Peter Hicks.  It is a fun sword and sorcery style adventure about a search for glowing worms on a dangerous island.  It contains over 2.5 hours of audio, with 9 ways to win and 21 ways to lose!  Each story line takes roughly 10-20 minutes.

Download it TODAY for free at the iTunes app store.  Just search for Multi Path Audio or follow this link!

Also…  I hope my friends and family will take a moment and give me a positive rating on the App store (if you enjoy the app).

Version 2.0.1 Posted

Version 2.0.1 posted of the AV Aid App.

Many improvements in this update, but we are still looking to improve the AV Aid app even further in the future.  Below are a few ideas from our current wishlist for future releases.

– Selectable resolution outputs
– HDCP test for HDMI
– The ability for users to select a test song from their song library
– The ability for users to select a test image from their image library
– A more appropriate test song
– The ability to send test patterns via Apple TV


Ver 2.0.1 Audio Visual Test Generator App should post today!

Version 2.0.1 of AVAID should post today!

Added a nice Cat5 RJ-45 pinout image on the Category Cable page, as well as numerous fixes listed below.  Grab our AV Aid Audio Visual Test Generator App at the iTunes app store for iPhone.


Version 2.0.1

– Now able to send audio tests via AirPlay again.
– Added Cat 5 pinout diagram to Category cable page.
– Bug fixes and graphical improvements.

Version 2.0.0

– Bug fixes and design improvements.
– Updated for iOS 7.
– New icon design.
– Test images now swipe-able and without navigation bar overlap. (Swipe ‘up’ to go home, and ‘left or right’ to advance through test images.)
– Removed introductory popup alert.
– Fixed audio playback glitch. (No longer a need to double-tap to play back or stop multiple sounds.)
– Cable images can now be pinched to enlarge or repositioned as needed.
– Removed banner ads!
– Added Phoenix Connector, Euroblock, Banana Connector, Screw Terminal, Binding Post, SCART, Apple Display Connector, DiiVA or Display Port, Mini-DVI.